The Brickhouse Studios is a 1600 square foot world class facility, conveniently located just minutes east of downtown Wichita, Kansas. The studio features a large control room, two large tracking rooms, three Isolation booths, lounge area, and kitchen.The Brickhouse was established in 2008 and has since gained national attention from artists and producers alike. We offer a distinctive atmosphere and an amazing blend of vintage analog and cutting edge digital equipment, making us one of the most versatile studios in the midwest. An experienced and helpful staff, extensive selection of high end gear and great acoustics make The Brickhouse Recording Studios the choice for creative individuals seeking quality production at project studio rates.

Studio A is centered around a 72 input Trident TSM console with Mega Mix System Automation. The console features the famous A Range style EQ. Studio A gives you the option to track to analogue tape or Pro Tools HD. Studio A offers a large 20'x 16' Control Room, 20' x 18' Live room and three 8 x 8 triangular isolation rooms, and an additional 26’ x 12’ live room.

The studio was remodeled from the ground up for the sole purpose of music production, sound design and mixing.  Each room is isolated from the next by a combination of materials. Each wall was constructed with a layer of sheetrock, then a thick rubber material called “Sound Barrier” was hung on the inside and outside of each wall for added isolation. After that, a blend of fiberglass and wool was hung for absorption. 

Finally, a beautiful wood finish was added for a rich warm tone. The ceiling height is 10’ which helps to capture large drum sounds. An angled ceiling, and oddly shaped room ensure minimal reflections, but yet capture a large natural sound. The isolation booths were designed with the same idea in mind. They are large enough to record a small drum kit for a close tight feel, and small enough for producing intimate vocal tones. The design also allows for visual communication of the musicians which helps give the artists a more familiar atmosphere for performing.

On top of great sounding rooms, we pride ourselves in having a unique blend of vintage analog and cutting edge digital equipment. This creates a sound which is unrivaled in the audio world. The signal path first runs through the vintage Trident console, ensuring analog warmth and punch to the recording. Optional vintage EQ and compression can be added, or for a crisp clean sound, digital EQ and compression can be used. It is this type of versatility that allows us to achieve the exact sound characteristics you are wanting. To top it all off, a great blend of ribbon, tube, condenser and dynamic mics allows the subtle details of your performance to be heard!





Trident TSM 72 input with Mega Mix system automation




Black Lion 192 interface

Pro Tools HD 2 (32 I/O)


JBL 3328P

Yamaha NS-10



Vintech 473 (Neve Clone)  (4 Channels)

JLM Audio Baby Animal     (4 Channels)

 API 3124                             (4 Channels)

      Chandler Germaniun          (Single Channel)

A- Designs Reddi



Teletronix LA-2A

Universal Audio 1176

Empirical Labs Distressor

Joe Meek Stereo Compressor

Alesis Stereo Compressor


DBX 160X (4)

Drawmer DS201 (4)


Time Based Processing:

Lexicon PCM-90

Lexicon PCM-41

Yamaha SPX-90

Yamaha Rev-5

Roland SD-2500



Pro Tools 9.03 HD

Logic 7

Reason 4

Melodyne 4

Autotune 5

Waves Platinum TDM V.7

Bombfactory Classic Compressors

Fabfilters Bundle

DSP Quattro



DW Exotic Wood 5 Piece Drum Kit with Sabian Cymbols


Yamaha G3 Grand Piano

Hammond B3 Organ with Leslie 122 Speaker cabinet

Vox AC 30

Fender Deluxe

Peavey 5150

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

Mesa Boogie Road King

Mesa Boogie Stiletto

Mesa Boogie Nomad 45

Marshall Vintage Modern

Marshall Plexi

Guitars by Fender, PRS, Gibson, Martin, and Gretsch